Wednesday, December 05, 2012


The fine people over at Wolf's Brigade Gym commissioned me to do a painting for their fearless leader Greg Walsh for their X-mas Party. Now Greg and I go way back and he owns a bunch of my work, all monster related. Pat and Heather from WBG wanted a werewolf to add to his collection, plus the gym logo is a pretty sweet looking werewolf. This is the result of our discussion...

and a little detail...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

latest work

Here are some paintings that were recently finished
This was called "A 'Little" Haunted". It was for the 1975 is Haunted show. The idea here was if anything would haunt the new 1975 space, it would be the previous owner of the little bakery.

 This was for the same show entitled "It appeared in a wolf's form". Kind of based off of the Goddess Pele from Hawaii.

This was for an art show at the Gallery Salon. Titled "Sellout". All images are acrylic on wood.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Well, yes it's been a while. This is a new painting currently up at 1975. They finally have a home base and have currently retired from being a nomadic gallery. I was truly honored to be asked to participate in the opening exhibit entitled "Home is where the Art is". I sent in this one and my portrait of Grandmaster Flash. The work was to be something current, but most of my stuff is gone so I had to crank this out. Largest work I've done in a while...32"x48". Fun but took some getting used to. I've worked on such a small scale over the last few years that all my larger brushes are just beat. Definitely will push to try bigger stuff down the road. Hope you enjoy, thanks for taking a look.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Get A Grip 3
Is this really the 3rd fundraiser for our skatepark?! Give us the money already. Rottenchester, you want something that will actually get used, put your money here. It might be a nice deviation from that god forsaken hole in the middle of downtown. Well anywho... here's my donation, acrylic on grip tape entitled "What you looking at sucka!". The show opens Friday March 2nd at the Yards. I'll be stopping by, hope to see some of you out there.