Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here's the latest for the 1975 - 5 year anniversary show...Volo Calvarium
"One Step Beyond"

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Dudes Night Out - Artist Collective

So earlier this year I had a show with a dynamic group of artists called "Dudes Night Out". The Heroes and Villains show was a great success, thanks to all of you that made it out! We have since had a few group shows around town. Here are some of the images from the last few....

 We did an online show of Monsters and Mayhem.
This was a print that I had available for the show.

We had a show a the now defunct Pandaman Toys.
The theme of this show was cult movies. I went with this
print of Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon.

On August 1st we opened a show at The Tap and Mallet.
The theme here was obviously anything to do with beer.
Painting of Iron Man 17x12 acrylic on wood panel.
We'll be having a part 2 to this show on September 18th entitled the "Hangover" where
we'll add to the collection and fill the restaurant section to the Tap.

On August 2nd we opened a show at the Brainery in Village Gate Mall.
This painting is 12 x 19, acrylic and sharpie on wood panel. 
Entitled- Will you be my ghoul?

A few shows coming up at 1975 (The Skull Show), Tap and Mallet and the National Musuem of Play.
As a group we will also be showing at Artist Row in September at the Public Market.
Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Another group show I was involved in was "Girl's Vs. Boys". The show was split between two galleries, 1975 (boys) and The Yards (girls). As a group we tried to recapture the times of yesteryear where the days were long and boys were well...boys. I did a series of cardboard cut outs and a cardboard sculptures of the old gun caps. Oh, each piece had to be at least 50% cardboard. Here's some of the images:

This guy was displayed in the bathroom. This is the second time I shown in the bathroom. Guess my career's in the toilet...ba da dum tish!

Been busy lately but I recently had 2 group shows I participated in. The first was entitled Heroes and Villains. The show is currently up at the Record Archive. It opened to a ton of good art and a ton of good people coming out to check it. There's an art group I'm involved in called "Dude's Night Out" that is filled with just talented individuals. It makes us all step up our game. Here's one of the paintings I did for the show entitled "Hulk Smash!"